Branding is more than a logo

The creation of a logo is perhaps the most visible part of a branding strategy, but it is not the only one, nor does it come out of nowhere. Whether it is to present a product, a service or a company, there is much more behind the logo.

The basics of a good branding strategy

Prior to any development, it is necessary to clarify the brand positioning work. This work will lay the foundations for the development of the visual brand (the logo) and its verbal expressions.

The positioning

To start with a good base it is necessary to decide what we want the brand to transmit, for this you must know the products and/or services that it should represent and, like a person, the personality that it has so that it goes in line. As soon as we know it, we can give it a name and a face and let people know its character.


For positioning we use tools that will then make it clear how we should develop the building block, tools such as the brand map, benchmark study, emotional branding, Jung's archetypes, possible story-telling.

Visual and verbal brand development

With the acquired knowledge we can start working on the visual part of the brand, the logo. Whether it is a pure typographic logo, logo and symbol, only symbol or even a dynamic logo, will be determined according to the needs and conclusions reached in the previous steps. For this, we must also have a name (naming) in line with the same attributes and define the taglines and slogans that will accompany it either always or in defined campaigns.
Developing a brand manual or style guide will ensure that all possible future applications respect and convey the essence of the brand.


The creation of corporate materials is a job that, although important, is already a more technical job, once a good manual has been developed. Folders, brochures, web, catalogues, templates, etc... can be developed following the guidelines established in the positioning and the visual and verbal development.

External and internal communication campaigns

The brand will communicate the excellence of its products and services. With the bases we have, we can't go wrong.
Also in cases of re-branding or mergers it is important to plan internal communication campaigns and manage the change.

But I just want a logo

Of course, it is possible that you have developed the positioning, you don't want to change the name and you are clear about the verbalisation or you don't need to change it now.
We can work on the whole graphic image, of course!
Also a style guide that makes it possible to apply it to different elements.