Branding: Creating excellent brands

More than just a logo

Although the creation of a new logo is perhaps the most visible outcome of a branding strategy, it is neither the only one, nor does it appear out of nowhere. Whether it is meant to represent a product, a service or a company, there is much more to branding than just the graphic logo.

The pillars of a good branding strategy

Prior to any development, it is important to define and refine the brand positioning. This work will lay the foundations for the successful materialization of the visual brand (the logo) and its verbal expressions.

The positioning

To start off on the right foot it is necessary to decide what we want the brand to convey. To do so, we must intimately know the products and services it represents and, just as if it were a person, discover the attributes and values that give it a unique personality. As soon as we know that we can give it a name and graphical expressions, and let people know about its character.


There are techniques that allow us to discover and refine the personality of the brand. Our methodology includes tools that allow us to define the brand positioning in a conclusive manner. During this phase our efforts are focused on Benchmark studies; brand maps; neuromarketing and emotional branding techniques; storytelling; alignment with Jungian archetypes; or brand promise analysis.

Visual and verbal brand development

Once this knowledge is acquired, we can start work on the visual part of the brand, namely the logo. Whether it is a pure typographic logo, logo and symbol, only symbol or even a dynamic logo, will be determined according to the needs and conclusions reached in the positioning phase.

For this purpose, we must also have a brand name that aligns with those same attributes and values, and also create associated taglines and slogans in order to reinforce them. Those verbal expressions will accompany the brand in its communications and advertising campaigns or could even be incorporated in the visual development.

Developing a brand manual or style guide will ensure that any future application respects and relays the essence of the brand.


If we have developed the previous steps correctly, the creation of corporate materials becomes in practice a technical task, consisting of a rational application of the brand manual. Lettering, signage, brochures, websites, catalogs, templates, etc. can be developed following these guidelines.

External and internal communication campaigns

The brand is now ready to communicate the excellence of its products and/or services. With the above-described foundations we can't go wrong.

In cases where a profound rebranding has been launched, or in company mergers, it may also be important to plan internal communication campaigns and manage change.

This is all well and good, but...
I just need a logo

Of course we can also help!

It is possible that the positioning has already been correctly worked out. In other cases, it may be impractical or unnecessary to change the name, and taglines and slogans do not require revision.

We can find brands that are only inadequate in their graphical expression either because it has become obsolete, or because it has been executed incorrectly.

Sometimes a graphic brand needs a change just to communicate a new phase.

If this is the case, we will redesign the graphic image and develop a new style guide that will allow its deployment in corporate elements and advertising materials.

Partners for your branding project

At Broccoli we enjoy extensive experience in the design of successful brands for clients in fields as diverse as industrial instrumentation, medical conferences, retailing, handicrafts, and mass consumer products.

Take a look at our selection of branding projects from our portfolio. If you like what you see, and would like us to develop your brand for excellence, do not hesitate to contact us and ask for a quote.