Online or Offline?

Online & Offline!

Who lives in a totally offline world? A forest hermit, perhaps?

Who lives in a 100% online world? The inhabitants of Matrix.

So, unless your target audience falls in the above-mentioned groups, you most likely need to consider both realms if you want to successfully market your company, service or product.

Firstly, you always need to analyze all available means to reach your target audience. Your customer listens to the radio in the morning, reads the newspaper and sees billboards on the way to work, uses the web and e-mail extensively while working, watches the TV at night (often while online surfing her favourite sites), attends events during the weekend, etc.

That is why, every day more often, marketing strategies span online and offline environments simultaneously. For example, TV ads invite you to log-on to a website to find out how the plot ends; or a banner you see in your favourite news site takes you to a website where, upon registration, you get a freebie sent to your home. Subsequently you are on that company’s mailing list, which can invite you via e-mail to an event in the real world. The combinations are endless and only limited by the creativity of the strategy.

Other times however, very high expectations are placed in a corporate website that is almost completely isolated from the rest of the company’s marketing efforts, which are usually an array of offline marketing materials that try to direct users to the site through a tiny link.
However, a website or any other online marketing effort needs to first attract users. This may be accomplished through different means: banner advertisements, search-related Google Adwords, viral promotions (including advergaming), QR-code-linked offline media, organic positioning in Google, etc.

Once we have the undivided attention of the customer (and that is a lot), we can work on achieving objectives, while fulfilling the promise that got your customer here in the first place. This will require a different type of content and approach for every case: make new customers, increase brand awareness, inform about a new product or service, or assist current customers.

Broccoli is uniquely positioned to provide all services that span online and offline marketing communications for companies or institutions, helping them to realize their marketing objectives, taking into account current go-to-market needs. Such services may include the development of strategies that take advantage of the strengths of each medium, whether online or offline; the design of marketing materials, using attractive and highly functional graphic design, illustration, photography, copywriting, etc.; and the development and production of marketing materials (SW and web development, printed material, etc.)