Rubí Shopping Late Night Shopping

The night when
everything stays open

Every day, when night falls, the shutters of all Rubí shops are lowered at the same time, as if following a perfectly planned choreography, which no one gets out of sync. However, there is a night when everything stays open because there is a party taking place.

Poster 1a Noche Abierta, Nit Oberta, Late-night shopping

Fun for all the family, lights, shows, fashion, summer… To convey all this on a poster for the Nit Oberta (“Open Night”) was a joyful challenge that became an annual tradition for us.

Ilustración noche comercio abierto, ilustració nit comerç obert. illustration late-night shopping

Year after year, Rubí’s shopkeepers have kept knocking on our door to trust us with the promotion of this summer commercial event in the city where, by the way, we are housed and of which we are already a part!

Posters for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th editions Nit Oberta, 1a 2a 3a edició, edición

The graphic world that we created for the first edition of the Nit Oberta has been further enriched each year with images and illustrations of the city’s shops and its people, adding details and personality without losing the original essence. They have turned out to be a great collection of posters.

Poster quinta noche abierta, cinquena nit oberta, fifth late-night shopping event

A graphic world that we have adapted to different media; from ads in local newspapers to printed programs or online and social network promotional pieces that are able to reach everyone who lives in the city.

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