Rubí Shopping Shopping Passport

A disposable yet memorable passport

We received with much enthusiasm the commission to develop a campaign to promote the summer sales of the shops in the city of Rubí. We felt that we could take advantage of the happy mood and the joy that's felt about the fast-appproaching summer holidays, when work weighs less because you are crossing the days off the calendar as the big moment approaches.

Cover passport booklet shopping fidelity campaign

Passport cover design

Traveling abroad, or to the camping or to a nice little rural town, most everybody in Rubí leaves the city behind for a change of scenery. So we used this nice idea, the idea of the trip, to distribute 100%-genuine Rubí-dweller passports. The passports had to be stamped by a number of shops, cafes or restaurants (destinations) in order to be completed. Once the passport was full, its owner was entitled to exchange it for a promotional gift. A gift that was also 100% Rubí.

Illustration shopping fidelity passport booklet inner page 2

Inner passport page

The success was astonishing: on the day of the gift distribution, more than 400 people were queuing at the collection point with their fully-stamped passports. Not that we counted them one by one, but we know, because stocks were exhausted in less than two hours ... and there were 400 units!

Illustration shopping fidelity passport booklet inner page 2

Inner passport page

The objective of bringing closer together the public with local retailers and gastronomy, while involving the population in a city-branding project, was achieved.

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