Mercromina Ad Campaign

The kid who played at being a Superhero

Wearing shorts from January to December, bread with chocolate spread as a snack, rewinding cassette tapes with a pen... are all things from another time, which can put a nostalgic smile on many of our faces.

Ad for antispetic mercromina, super-hero

For Lainco’s Mercromina antiseptic publicity campaign we came up with the idea to evoke the childhood memories of today’s parents. We wanted to communicate to them the message that "if you have Mercromina at hand, your kids can have adventures just like you had when you were a kid". Adventures that leave two kinds of marks: a mark that can’t be erased from the memory, and marks on the knees which can be healed with Mercromina.        

Ad for antispetic mercromina, boy wrestler

They say time heals all wounds, but of course, in the meanwhile, we should apply Mercromina.

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