Iberfluid Product Advertising

What’s industrial
can be simple

It seems that everything related to industry must be complex. Machines, laboratories, distribution... On the other hand, the computer world was complicated until Steve Jobs made it simple.

This is what we thought from the moment that Iberfluid, a leading Spanish supplier of instrumentation and systems for the measurement and control of industrial processes, sat down with us at the table to commission us with the strategic and conceptual approach for their advertising campaigns.

Ad for Honeywell transmitters / anuncio transmisores

This is why we decided not to benchmark the competition when tackling the project, but instead looked at brands from other sectors that had made things simple, such as IBM, Volkswagen and Apple.

Anuncio genérico para Iberfluid / Generic template Iberfluid ad campaign
Ads for thermal control products / Anuncios para productos de control térmico

The result is a sleek, modern, and elegant visual concept for all the company's product showcase ads.

Anuncios corporativos / Industrial corporation ads

This concept became at the same time an effective branding device for the company's corporate communications, simply by intensifying the messages delivered through the texts and replacing the products with people.

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