Bosch Automotive BOSCH unfettered


Every Christmas, BOSCH Automotive’s brake-systems division launches a sales promotion based around the Jamón ibérico (Iberian ham). The product that everybody enjoys… so long as they are not vegan, that is.

To get all their large accounts on-board, the people at Bosch Automotive asked us to think of an original relational marketing campaign, which should include a loyalty points reward program. So, we released El desenfreno de BOSCH (Bosch unfettered).

An irreverent and fun concept that invited everyone at big and small auto workshops to sell more brakes than ever to be able to exchange them for hams. A total party Spanish tapas-style.

Everything revolved around a mini site, in which customers could check the status of their points account and the rewards accumulated so far and exchange their remaining points for more prizes. Weekly promotions were launched via e-mail to reward those who were faster at placing orders.

The campaign was a success, but it was difficult for customers to enter the mini site to view and redeem their points. Therefore, the following year we came up with a new concept: QROINK. A concept that revolved around a QR code with an iconic pig that the client could scan to access the new site via mobile.

And to be sure, we used the good butcher’s strategy. We let our target taste the ham beforehand! Including samples of it in a physical mailing that used the icon that we had created as a teaser.

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