Laboratorios Lainco Print Ad Campaigns

The medicine cabinet
that we all have

Working for a company with products that we have had and have in our homes is something that makes us especially enthusiastic. Lainco is a phytosanitary and pharmaceutical company with a catalogue of everyday products, those used over and over again.

Broccoli acts as advertising agency for the different brands and products of its pharmaceutical division on a regular basis. Our campaigns appear regularly in the press and outdoor media.

Advertisements, for example, for Mercromina, for which we have executed many campaigns that straddle between nostalgia and fantasy, and for which we have even managed its online reputation.

Or their products for nasal dryness, cough suppressants or mucus clearance, such as Lainasal Hidratante, Laitos or Lairesp. Products that we have in our own medicine cabinets.

One of the biggest challenges in healthcare communication: selling products against constipation, such as Clisteran or Emuliquen. Products that, more than any other, require conceptual metaphors and amusing euphemisms to convey that which may not be necessary to show.

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