Celyon Técnica Website

Designing for
serious things

We often forget that we do not perform open-heart surgery, and that in our line of work lives are not at stake. Choosing one color or another in a design can change an outcome, but it is not crucial. However, working for Celyon Técnica brought us a little closer to that feeling.

Celyon Técnica is a company that distributes test and measurement equipment to analyze the quality of medical equipment. Thanks to them we can ensure that everything works well in a hospital.

The challenge with this project was to convey all that earnestness and professionalism that their work entails, through a website. With a modern but elegant design. And, above all, a functional one.

The thing is that if we must get serious, we do. Each page developed involves previous wireframing and content structuring work so that it fulfills its mission in the easiest and most effective way possible.

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