Iberfluid Image Redesign

Necessary evolution

We redesigned Iberfluid’s corporate image taking into account that the legitimacy that the concept "Since 1972" affords them is a very important value for the company.

Their image had to be changed, evolved, and improved, whilst reinforcing the value of their experience as a company.

With the update of the logo, a whole series of technical improvements were achieved, such as readability, scalability and strength that were lacking in the old one. In addition, it is now more modern and organic by way of using a softer color tone.

Evolution of the old logo to our final proposal.

To reinforce the concept of "long history", the tag "Since 1972" and the slogan "Por tecnología, por experiencia” (because of technology, because of experience) are included in some collateral, such as catalogues or folders.

Catalogue interior

With the new corporate image, an infographic style was created for use in commercial and interactive web presentations.

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