Voluntaris per la Llengua Advertising Campaign

If you talk it over,
you’ll sort it out

You know: when you talk it over, you tend to sort things out. And, also by talking you tend to learn a language properly. Well, talking and listening, of course.

For the "Voluntaris per la Llengua" (Language Volunteers) campaign, we listened carefully to what the promoters of this program had to tell us and we realized that the most authentic and special thing about this project were its volunteers and the values they shared.

For both volunteers and learners, it was clear to us that most people who join the program do so motivated by the desire to learn by meeting new people and having a good time having a nice conversation.

There was nothing else but to focus on them: the program participants were the campaign models, and, without a doubt, we could never have found better or more friendly protagonists. The authenticity that each campaign image radiated was the best way to connect with potential new volunteers and learners.

So what is it going to be, are you signing up?

Do you like what you see?

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