Rubí Brilla Projecte Comerç Sostenible

Savings for oneself
and savings for the planet

Every business is unique. But they all need energy to go on. For this reason, through the Rubí Brilla project, the Rubí City Council launched the Sustainable Commerce Initiative, which helps businesses save energy through individualized plans. And, incidentally, spare the planet.

At Broccoli we took care of promoting the initiative through an informative campaign that invited all businesses in the city, without exception, to sign up.

To encourage them, what a better way than to interview those who had already been part of this same plan in previous editions and who could explain how they were doing now.

It was all about showing, through brief clips, how energy is wasted where one least expects it, and that avoiding such waste entails benefits to us all.

We successfully developed a complete multi-channel campaign that included backlit street billboards, posters, brochures, newsletters, digital ads, and social network actions using posts and informative videos. And most importantly, we saved the world a lot of energy.


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