Rubí Shopping Christmas Campaigns

Christmas Testimonials

Communicating Christmas becomes a challenge year after year. Everyone ends up talking about Santa, the Three Wise Men, the Catalan Log… it’s always the same.

So, when our hometown’s shopkeepers asked us to do their Christmas campaign, we decided to stop talking about the usual characters, and let them speak in the first person, thereby making them the real protagonists.

It all started in 2014, with an ad spot, halfway between a testimonial and a documentary, in which Santa explained that he did not actually bring gifts from Lapland for all the children, but ordered them from the Rubí shops.

Santa promoting locals Christmas shopping. Papá Noel promociona el comercio local. El Pare Noel promociona el comerç local.

A year later, we decided to give voice to the Catalan Christmas Log, a smiling log with peculiar tastes, who was preparing, as every year, for a very tough yet essential job.

The Catalan Christmas log promoting local shopping. El tió de Navidad promociona el comercio local. El tió promociona el comerç local per Nadal.

Year after year, somebody (the Royal page who collects the letters for the Three Wise Men, the little shepherd boys from Bethlehem and even King Gaspar himself) has taken the stand to give their testimony in the Rubí Christmas advertising campaign, advising the little ones on how to prepare their letter to the Three Wise Men and co., so that no one is left without a gift!

The little sheperd boys from Betlehem promoting local shopping. Los pastorcillos promocionan el comercio local. Els pastorets promocionen el comerç local per Nadal.

And, as expected, on each occasion we have counted on the invaluable collaboration with Rubí's own shopkeepers, always committed, always on the commercial frontline.

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