Teatre sense teatre Event Image

The stage
is the street

Surely, you must have done it more than once: you sit on a bench in the street and observe passers-by, as if they were fictional characters. You imagine that you are in a movie, in a music video or in a stage play. That young man at the greengrocer's is a famous tightrope walker and the waitress at your favorite café is a ballet dancer, who motions among the tables with agility.

"Theatre without a theatre hall" (Teatre sense teatre) is a festival in which the squares and streets of Rubí are filled with free open-air shows: music parades, juggling, acrobatics, dance, clowns... During a weekend, Rubí finds herself immersed in an near dreamlike world. This festival deserved a matching poster.

For the first edition, we introduced a vector illustration with plenty movement, fantasy, light and color. A giraffe that performed a ribbon routine of artistic gymnastics, turning around itself surrounded by confetti under the light of streetlamps, gave personality to a festival whose birth we witnessed.

The official program moved from hand to hand among the city's bedazzled inhabitants who all of a sudden would find themselves as spectators.

For the second edition, that seed of fantasy was made to grow thanks to a toucan with acrobat legs that performed aerial figures while hanging from satin fabrics.

And we hope that soon the curtain can rise again and the streets of Rubí can, once again, be filled with art and talent.

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