Rubí Shopping Video Campaign

Where I live is where I shop

It is said that a prophet is without honor in his own land, but we think that may not always be the case. For our advertising campaign to promote local shopping in the city of Rubí (Barcelona), we asked eight well-known, respected locals to take part. They were chosen because of their high involvement in the social and cultural life of the city.

They were filmed in short video clips talking about why they like shopping locally, reminiscing about their fond memories of long-established stores, what they like about new stores, and how to find what they need without leaving Rubi.

The ads appeared on RubíTV, on Facebook and on the city hall Youtube channel.

The public clearly identified with the people and the messages in the campaign videos, as the Facebook page for Rubi shopping tripled their followers and got 711 "Likes" in less than a month. Not bad for a population of less than 75,000 inhabitants!

By all accounts the campaign was really effective, especially in achieving our main goal to engage people. More videos featuring other local personalities have subsequently been made as a result of all the positive feedback that was received.

An example of one of the videos of the campaign Rubí, on visc, on compro with Edu Sentís, an industrial designer and local inventor.

Following a multi-channel campaign strategy, the online campaign was complemented with outdoor advertising including lamppost banners, posters, billboards and ads in the local press.

Anna Silvestre shared her passion for music with several generations of "Rubinencs". She was also delighted to share her fondness for chatting with local shop keepers that she has known since she was a child.

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