Aarhus Universitet Become a Superhero


Deep in the Central Jutland peninsula, amid vast blooming heaths, there is a school of the University of Aarhus. It is attended by a few apparently normal Danish citizens who, thanks to their super-training, develop incredible powers for their future.

Cover of promotional brochure, portada de folleto promocional, portada de fulletó promocional

To develop a promotion campaign of the School of Business Administration and Engineering of the University of Aarhus in Herning (Denmark), aimed at future university students, we decided to turn to the language of superhero comics.

Comic strip to promote University studies, comic para promocionar estudios universitarios, còmic per promoure estudis universitaris

We presented the story of three young alumni who, thanks to their super-knowledge, successfully overcome the various professional challenges that they encounter, and which coincidentally correspond to the different specialties of the school.

Recortable promocional, retallable promocional, life-size promotional cut-out

We built a life-size display and infiltrated it into the area’s high schools to share the secret of these three super-professionals with the world: all three had studied at Aarhus University!

And not only that. We created a quiz game, through which the students could find out which superhero they were. And therefore, which studies were the ones that best suited their goals and personality.

Finally, we brought the comic to the audiovisual arena through a spot played on screens in public buses and in movie theaters: the place where superhero stories tend to come to life.

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