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The All-Seeing Eye

RubíTV is an online local TV station made up of a small but dynamic team, who work hard to produce a good quantity of daily news items about cultural events, sports, current affairs, politics...They miss nothing of what is going on in their town.

When we designed and developed their web platform we made sure that the technical side of the business was faultless, so that they could concentrate on doing what they do best: good local journalism. Today, because of this, they are the reference for local news for the townsfolk of Rubi.

Detail of the extended news item.

Users are able to comment on all the news items, which usually leads to a lot of public debating.

The logo of is also, at the same time, it’s own charming mascot. The eye/webcam that sees all and transmits everything. When creating it we thought it would be fun to make it dynamic and to have it dressed up differently for each occasion.  

Detail of the cultural agenda.

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