W. Vintage Drums Logo

Woodpecker’s art

Two friends, drum players and carpenters, teamed up to restore old drum kits, make them look like new, and resell them. Thus, Woodpecker’s Vintage Drums was born. An honest business project. One of those, which grows slowly and only with a lot of added passion.

The "woodpeckers of vintage drum kits" came to see us to give us a gift. Wait for it! Drum roll (Brrrrrrrrrrr). They wanted us to take care of their visual identity! We took the order with the same love and care with which they work on each of their drums. And here is the result.

The Woodpecker’s logo design blends rock’n’roll and handicrafts with an emblem inspired by the bands of the sixties and brought straight to the world of woodwork.

The result was an icon made for fans, which they instantly loved, and immediately put on t-shirts, which are now available to buy in their online store, so it can always be worn close to the heart.

As the Rolling Stones said in their song: "It's only rock n 'roll (but I like it)".

Do you like what you see?

If you think that we can help you in a similar project, fill in your details and we will get back to you shortly. We will love to learn about what you are working on.