Gran Pueblo Packaging

The “thug life”
from the Vallès Occidental

The world itself is a great village. No matter where you come from, what color your skin is and what language you speak, we are all neighbors. For this reason, when this hip hop group was born in Terrassa’s San Lorenzo neighborhood, it adopted the name of Gran Pueblo.

Gran Pueblo were four rappers with politically charged lyrics, four guys more interested in social issues than brand name sneakers. Therefore, for the identity and cover of “XHOXB”, their debut album, we set off with multiculturalism as the essence.

We worked the visuals influenced by bombing and graffiti in general. The four-toed footprint integrated in the graphics became their trademark from the get-go.

We provided the album's booklet with some flow, which told a visual story with dynamism and continuity.

We worked the look & feel through the language of the stencil and used the camouflage colors of the navy.

The booklet’s interior followed the same aesthetics and language, with typographical visuals based upon the lyrics.

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