Maktea Ice Tea Packaging

Refreshing and exotic

Let's not kid ourselves: water with water is boring but binging on certain hypercaloric beverages is known to not be very good for your health. That's why so-called healthy soda alternatives are on the rise. Maktea produces healthy and refreshing tea-based drinks made with natural fruits and spices.

When we were put in charge of their packaging, our challenge was to precisely translate these values into the design of their sleek cans: they are as good and refreshing as they are natural. Maktea (as the name clearly indicates) has tea as a base. As tea is a plant of oriental connotations, it carries us to distant and exotic lands (without the need to consult the Wikipedia), for this reason we added a myriad of small simple shapes that evoke objects and plants with an eastern aesthetic.

When it came to colours, we decided that a different and representative tone should be used for each of the varieties: white tea with watermelon, green tea with pineapple and mango, and black tea with cinnamon.

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