E.P. Foods Marketing in Africa

Pink Gold!

This was our first marketing experience in Africa, and we certainly hope it’s not our last. The challenge was to create a sales catalogue to sell european salmon in Nigeria and in the rest of the African continent.

Portada filleto venda salmón mayorista. Brochure cover wholesale of European salmon. Portada fulletó venda de salmó europeu a l'África.

The Nigerian market presents very specific challenges and opportunities which had to be addressed globally in order to successfully introduce a new product. The cultural distance is appealing but requires paying extra attention to the unwritten communication: interpersonal skills, formal behavior, the tone, etc. Luckily our client did some sound market research to help us with this task. It was exciting and enriching.

Contenido del folleto mercado nigeriano. Brochure content for the Nigerian market. Contingut fulletó pel mercat nigerià.

Once the main points of sale were outlined, we asked James (our English copywriter) to help us with the texts for the catalogue. So, we produced material that talks about the product quality, explaining in detail everything about its origin and the manufacturing process, as well as addressing the specific concerns of retailers and distributors in the Nigerian market.

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