Ajuntament de Rubí Documentary Videos

Entrepreneurship is easier with some help

How easy things look from the other side, right? However, undertaking a business venture or starting your own company is harder than it seems.

For the "Oficina de Serveis a l’Empresa" (OSE), a municipal service that supports companies and entrepreneurial initiatives in Rubí, we documented on video some success stories of businesses who have reached out to the OSE and participated in programs designed to improve their management, products and/or services.  

Lettering business and a matrass manufacturing factory

We wanted to focus on the personal and collaborative aspects of professional success in the broadest sense, and also from a human angle, with the aim of coming to realise that we won’t get very far alone… and that almost nothing is worth the effort if you don’t share it with your people, with your team.

Since then, many of these companies have participated in a collaborative innovation space in Rubi, promoting networking between companies and institutions.  

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