Aarhus Universitet Open Doors

Doors open
in an open country

Denmark is one of the most open countries in the world. Its laws safeguard fundamental values such as equality, sexual freedom, and human rights, regardless of gender, age, skin color, culture, religion, or way of life. The Danes are perhaps the happiest and most satisfied people in the world.

Åbent Hus is an open house in an open country. The Herning campus of Aarhus University organizes it every year to introduce its Business, Engineering and Communication courses to future students. To create their promotional campaign, we decided to convey that philosophy of positivity and diversity.

In the first installment, we designed a graphic image with vivid colors, based on a collage of images of students and the life that awaited them at the University.

The second installment, took as motif the typical Danish high school graduation celebrations, prior to becoming a university student. One of those traditions that only Danes can understand, in which graduates parade around the whole country partying in open trucks that drive through town, amid laughter and music.

With all this, who would not want to go study in Denmark?

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