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This is the typical business love story. Company meets company, they find common ground, share interests, like each other, and merge to follow a beautiful common path for the rest of their lives.

J. Bonals was a company that began manufacturing presses to produce tablets in 1910. Three generations later, it was operating in the chemical, pharmaceutical and agricultural sectors, but above all it was one of the most recognized in the field of bouillon cubes. Despite their success or perhaps because of it, there came a time when they needed a partner to unite with, in order to get a bit of support and stability.

Created in 1996, Eurotab Technologies was a much younger enterprise. A leader in sectors such as coffee, and creator of the first press capable of compacting 3-layer detergent tablets, it became interested in J. Bonals with a view to strengthening its leadership and to continue its strategy of diversification in the application of powder compression technologies.

They did not seem to mind the age difference. In 2016, Eurotab acquired J. Bonals, and as a result Eurotab Bonals was born: a powder compression solutions company for all types of industries. Broccoli became the master of ceremonies: we officiated their branding strategy, preserving the essence of both companies through a modern design.

We also took care of showcasing the merge to the world, designing a professional website, in which the essence of both companies was also represented.

Currently, Eurotab Bonals’ equipment is present in 43 countries and their complementarity takes them further and further in the powder compression market.

Now, yes, you may kiss.

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