Amac Product site

Some were born
for fleet management

When you ask children what they want to be when the grow up there are perhaps not many who would say that they want to become fleet managers. Who though hasn’t ever seen that little kid who’s always going around everywhere with their toy cars? Even though they may not know it yet, some may have it in their blood.

AMAC, a leading company in the fleet management business, asked us to communicate its AMAC Fleet Manager business solution. We benchmarked the sector and decided that our strategic approach would be to combine its core values of control, efficiency, and simplicity, in order to show how things were as easy as a child's game.

Logotype, logotipo, logotip AMAC Fleet Manager

We designed a brand for the product, starting off by using the company’s corporate colors and betting on modern and very simplistic lines.

Mailer, Mailing AMAC Fleet Manager

We suggested a physical and electronic mailing, which described the benefits of a product that helps simplify tasks and offers a global vision of all things fleet management. The mailing was sent to the AMAC database.

Icons representant característiques del Software, feature icons for software product

We created a pictorial system to make it more visual and even easier to understand, especially in digital applications.

Icons software modules, icones moduls, iconos módulos
Mminisite UX/UI design

Using these pictograms as a base we created a one-page product site that, in addition to explaining the advantages and characteristics of the software, added information on product configurations and gave access to a demo.

Single-page website, web de una sola página
Disseny adaptive, diseño, design

All that, of course, with a specifically thought-out adaptive design for tablets and mobile phones.

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