Arantxa Coca Website

I am Arantxa!"

This is how Arantxa Coca presents herself when a patient sits in front of her in her practice. With a smile and positive energy. And that is precisely what we wanted to convey when a user accessed her website.

The family psychotherapist Arantxa Coca entrusted us with her personal website. And despite her being a well-known media personality, or precisely because of that, she wanted to combine up-to-date professional information from her practice with the candid and up-close-and-personal image that she has.

We created a site without fanfare. Sincere and simple. A site where she, her practice and her team of psychologists present themselves. A site, in which Arantxa combines articles about child and adult anxiety disorders, many books and white papers, and regular workshops.

The mass-media side of Arantxa is designed in a different way, through a more visual and attractive language.

The result is a clear, informative, and completely professional website with a design thought for mobile and a flexible and accessible development. As flexible and accessible as Arantxa herself.

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