VIA by AHIMA Brand identity

World Domination

AHIMA is a North American organization that has created a platform that will help it take over the entire world. It sounds like the plot of the new Batman movie, but it's actually an unprecedented medical innovation.

AHIMA is the acronym for the American Health Information Management Association. An institution that trains health professionals on the management of their patients' data on a global level.

In the midst of the pandemic, AHIMA launched VIA: an online platform that connects leaders, healthcare professionals and managers of medical information around the world, giving them the resources and know-how that they need to ensure that the healthcare of tomorrow is more accurate and more connected than ever.

In addition to designing the interface for the platform, we proposed the graphic identity of VIA, giving it a professional, modern, dynamic, and innovative aspect, while maintaining the essence of the AHIMA brand.

We built an identity manual, establishing the different uses of the logo and other elements of the corporate image.

It was necessary to ensure a professional and international image in all facets of communication but laying out a direct and easy-to-use tool.

To present the project, we produced a video in which Christina Roosen, Vice President of AHIMA International, introduced the main reasons behind, advantages, and features of the platform.

Now we are indeed closer to dominating the world and its health.

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