OPERATION: HEALTH Brand identity

to changes

The world changes every second. Since you started reading this text, something has already changed. Therefore, the handling of medical data is compelled to adapt as well, especially in times of Covid. Nobody said it was easy: in the face of apparent lack of control, data management requires constant innovation and transformation.

That was the leitmotif of our approach from the moment AHIMA International asked us for a brand design for Operation: Health, a global event on health information management that addressed the latest updates, challenges, and solutions for health information management around the world.

In line with the rationale, we proposed a dynamic graphic image, which changed for each application, through the position and angle of its cellular shapes, generating a sensation of perpetual motion.

We worked on a set of complex guidelines, which had to make it clear what could and could not be done, within the freedom that a dynamic logo requires.

From the color selection of the brand, we developed the necessary applications for an event of this size, such as the credentials for attracting sponsors.

Our graphic approach to the event was not to design a simple logo. It was a brand system capable of adapting to each application in a different way, depending on its format or needs. Just as medical data management does in a world that continues to change every second. And which has changed a lot more since you started reading this text.

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