Ajuntament de Rubí Campaign against COVID-19

against COVID-19

During the Christmas of 2020, and after a year of the pandemic, we all already knew almost all the security measures that had to be taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19, but we were starting to get tired and to lower our guard.

The Rubí City Council decided to promote a prevention campaign to fend off the virus, with the sole objective of reminding the population of the protective measures.

We presented a simple and straightforward typographic campaign, based on fresh, friendly and spontaneous headlines, designed to make you smile, when smiles were so prized.

The graphics were distributed in outdoor media channels throughout the city. Each graph referred to one of the recommendations and closed with a compelling idea: "Rubí against the COVID-19".

Being close to Christmas, we began by launching some graphics that linked the issue with the holidays. This started the conversation going.

Contextual creatives were also included, which were placed in areas where people went out to exercise, shopping or caught the public transport.

We took the campaign online with banners and social network messages, with general messages that invited viewers to keep to their social bubble or to stay at home in case of doubt.

Finally, we produced a video that showed the graphics along with specific everyday situations on the streets of Rubí.

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