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People are no longer interested in e-newsletters. We have too many in our e-mail inbox and most of us haven’t even asked to receive them. So, how could we add value to the official Viladecans city newsletter?

It didn't take much research to realize that interesting things happen in Viladecans all the time. Real and specific things. And the newsletter is the best way to find out!

To start a campaign, we selected several events and activities that were taking place in the city and used them as teasers: summer workshops, a popular bike ride, yoga lessons... If the public saw something that interested them, they would go and sign up to find similar ones. We wanted them to think: "The next time, I don't want to miss it!"

We carried out a mass print run of postcards that were the basis of the campaign. We sent these postcards three by three to citizens, businesses, and municipal facilities.

From this basis, we developed a lively, flexible, and completely adaptable campaign. An indefinite collection of solid color strongly typographic ads with striking and fun headlines that grabbed attention and generated curiosity.

These graphic pieces could be periodically updated in a very simple way and be integrated in the cityscape.

We realized that the ads could even take advantage of the context, showing one activity or another based on where and when you were.

The result was a complete and integrated campaign: we made outdoor billboards, ads in the press, volumetric pieces in municipal facilities, online banners, flyers and everything that crossed our minds to reach the public.

We also made animations and video spots that were broadcasted through video-screens in municipal facilities and in cinemas.

In the digital arena, we designed banners for Facebook and LinkedIn, and planned ads using the Google Ads network.

All call-to-actions were centralized in the same landing page, from where citizens could choose the newsletter that they were most interested in receiving.

The outcome of the campaign was unambiguous: the number of subscriptions exceeded all expectations and the launch of the newsletter was deemed a complete success.

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