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It's happening in Viladecans!

People, in general, think that there are too many newsletters in their email inbox and that most are not interesting. How could we give value to the Viladecans newsletter?
We did not want to capture users in exchange for a prize. The incentive should be the newsletter itself. The aim was to convey that interesting things happen in Viladecans, concrete and real things, and that the newsletter was an ally to find out.

So we made a selection of events and activities of what was happening in Viladecans at that time and we used them as a claim. If the public saw an interesting act for them, would go to sign up to find similar ones. We wanted them to think: "I do not want to miss the next one!”

It was a complete online and offline campaign: we made OPIs, advertisements in the press, banners on Facebook and LinkedIn, ads through the Google Ads network, banners, flyers, video screens on equipment, movies ... with a resounding success: the number of subscriptions exceeded all expectations and the launch of the newsletter was a success.

Cinema spot


Facebook campaign

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