Fira Sant Galderic Fair Image

Cultivating culture

The Sant Galderic Association holds an annual fair that combines art and farming since 1995. Strange? When you realize -because they tell you- how much art is needed to grow certain gastronomic gems, it no longer seems so strange. Furthermore, it is not by chance that "culture" and "cultivate" are two words that share the same root. ROOT!

The fact is that every year, in Rubí, people from the art world and young farmers from Rubí gather their talents to celebrate what they have in common in an exhibition of artistic and ethnological artifacts emphasizing the patron saint of Catalan farmers: Sant Galderic. For the 24th edition of this fair, we had the honor -being locals at heart- to be commissioned with the design of the promotional image. Until then, this privilege had been granted to artists we admire and respect, so for us it meant a special opportunity but also a great responsibility.

Thus, we thought about what we liked most about the Sant Galderic Fair: the (ex-ante) surrealist symbiosis between the artistic world and the people of the countryside, opting for a synthetic and direct image that unites the two worlds. What is more identifying of Surrealism than the most iconic of its most emblematic persona? Well, that's it: we painted Dalinian mustaches on an artichoke with a couple of strokes of the brush.

Detail of the program and the guide "De tapes per la Fira" (Having tapas during the Fair).

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