Fira Sant Galderic Fair Image

Surreal artichoke

In 1995, people from the art world and a group of young farmers from Rubí, with concerns and desire to promote culture, decided to join efforts and make a fair that brings together the two areas.
The San Galderic Association is created for this purpose. The name is the result of the demand to recover the pattern of Catalan farmers.
In the 24th edition of this fair, they asked us to take care of the image. We opted for a synthetic and direct image that unites the two worlds: we paint dalinian mustache to an artichoke.

Poster of the fair

As an activity parallel to the fair, for 7 years, the restaurateurs of Rubí have proposed a route to taste the best “tapas” of their own creation. To announce this activity and relate it to the fair we put the mustache to a chilli pepper.

Detail of the program "De tapas por la Feria"

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