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Trying to make something simple and easy to use can often be complicated. Trying to make sure that it is also nice-looking is a challenge that we are passionate about.

When we designed the graphic touch screen for a variety of Intermedic's laser surgery equipment we put ourselves in the shoes of those people who are actually going to be using it to improve the health of other people. It had to be user-friendly so that all their attention can be focused on the patient and not on using the machine.

UI Clinical Equipment, Equipos Clínicos, Equipaments Clínics

We studied the habits of the personnel as they used the laser tools to be able to design a GUI (graphical user interface) that allows for quick intuitive learning.  

UX Clinical Equipment, Equipos Clínicos, Equipaments Clínics

We used graphic stereotypes in order to facilitate navigation and we economised on the limited screen space available in the equipment in order to optimize access to the most relevant data.

Design of graphical User Interfaces mecial equipment. Diseño de UI equipos médicos. Disseny UI equips mèdics.

When designing a user interface (UI) it is important to bear in mind and adapt the graphics to the professional and social environment in which the equipment will be used to achieve an unbeatable User Experience (UX).

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