Bonaparte Brand Creation

Bread is not just bread at Bonaparte

Collaborating on a new venture from the very beginning is something very special. Bonaparte is a specialist artisan bakery and patisserie with a very high standard of quality, and we have been very lucky to have been given the opportunity to develop the integrated branding and corporate communications package for them from its inception.  

From naming and designing the brand, to kick starting the company launch, as well as crafting the packaging, corporate stationery and designing the logo.

If you visit any of their five (and counting) shops you will see how all the marketing displays fit in fluidly with the product. And if you are there anyway, you can also test how good that product is.   

As well as developing their website, we also planned out their digital publicity campaigns and defined their social media strategy to enable them to manage them autonomously. They also sometimes bring us something yummy to try.

Do you like what you see?

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